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Whether you need a powerful learning and development platform, custom learning solutions, or complete media service, White Horse Learning knows how to engage learners, improve knowledge retention, and increase ROI. The result? Passionate team members who reflect your company’s mission as their own.

Welcome to the Solution Revolution

Transform your company by enabling your workforce to march in the same direction with synergy, focus, and confidence. We take your vision for the future and create a strategy that reflects your brand and mirrors your business, values, and culture. We create made-to-order and scalable results for your organization.

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Many solutions in one platform!
Discover this powerful, agile system that can grow with your organization.

Learning Management Platform

Complete learning solution: Capture all your learning in this powerful, flexible platform that grows with your organization.

Talent Management System

Simple, streamlined process for your organization's growth. Complete solution for talent profile, assessment and review to find and develop your best talent.

Performance Management

Intuitive platform sets individuals on a path to achieve goals in alignment with your organization's objectives.

Progressive Development

Transform employee documentation process into a powerhouse of progress. Easily collect clear, consistent information, coach managers through difficult situations, and support development at every level.

Cognition: It's how you know!

  • Share your vision, values, and brand with the entire organization.
  • Empower your employees to take ownership  of their learning progress and performance goals.
  • Enable leaders to capture a clear vision of team growth and forecast potential opportunities.

Industry Trends and Innovations

White Horse Learning's solution is Cognition: a complete learning and development platform that is flexible and agile enough to grow in the areas of talent and performance management, progressive development, and succession planning for an all-in-one answer to employee growth and development. Empower your associates to take ownership of their goals, performance, and progress while giving your leaders the ability to capture a clear vision of their teams’ growth to help them chart a roadmap for success.

The platform can support various needs including but not limited to:

  • Distance learning via various learning event types and strategies
  • Goal setting and performance management
  • Talent management and succession planning  
  • Employee documentation and recognition



Bite-sized lessons for training on the go


True-to-life simulations of your most complex systems, designed for efficient onboarding and seamless transitions


Put your learners into the driver's seat with "Choose Your Own Adventure" scenarios


Integrate with your existing leaderboard or let us design a custom-built leaderboard system especially for you!


Check your learners’ knowledge with interactives such as multiple choice questions, matching, drag and drop activities, and more!


Incorporate unique concepts and mechanics found in games for guaranteed user engagement


Build up from foundational skills and achieve mastery through real-world application, active recall, and problem-solving


Familiarize learners with your environment through interaction with custom-built 2D and 3D scenes


Mobile first solutions for learning that blends the best of On-the-Job training and eLearning


The latest industry trends, out-of-the-box solutions, and just the right amount of crazy thinking. We'll bring your vision to life

Proven Results

Our eLearning solutions empower through the learned skills, strategy, and services you need for seamless implementation. Our team ensures that learning objectives are met, training performance goals are achieved, and your business experiences superior results with maximum ROI.

Company overview

White Horse Research and Development and Reflection Software ...

together as White Horse Learning, brings more than 25 years of experience in the learning and training spheres, with planning, designing, and execution of custom training solutions.

Our versatile approach to eLearning reaches training audiences ranging from new hires to senior management.


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